Shaper Select: Tess the Sky Captain

Tess is a ranged physical damage Carry who trades a consistent damage steroid for strong ability burst. Tess is a Pure Shaper and her passive is Crow’s Nest which deals bonus true damage on her Basic Attack against an enemy Shaper.   Tip: Because Tess has no resource to manage, her cooldowns are higher to compensate. There is a decently […]


The Dawngate Daily – July 30th, 2014

Word from Waystone EU Servers – Waystone put up a post reminding people about the testing times for the EU servers.  If having a solid EU experience is important to you, be sure to check it out. Team Waystone – Waystone announced the addition of another member to the team today: NickWu! Around the Community […]


The Dawngate Daily – July 29th, 2014

We’re back after a short hiatus due to my being at the Community Influencer Summit.  We’ll have tons of news for you this week because of it, so be sure to stop by each day! Word from Waystone New Shaper – Tess the Sky Captain has touched down in the Dawngate!  As with all new […]


Studying the Spellbook – Stagger

Welcome to another edition of Studying the Spellbook. This week we examine the Offensive Spell Stagger. Stagger 150 seconds 675 range Active: Fire a concussive energy bolt at target enemy Shaper, dealing (15 + (10 per Level)) magical damage and reducing their movement speed by 80%, decaying over 0.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds depending on […]


The Dawngate Daily – July 24th, 2014

Word from Waystone Shyguy Reflects – The master of Shapers known as Shyguy is back, this time with his thoughts on why he’s so good at Kindra. Around the Community The trash talk about Living Lore is back!  Be sure to go toss your two cents in and get ready to vote soon! Our own […]


The Dawngate Daily – July 23rd, 2014

Word from Waystone Community Summit! – Waystone announced today that they’re holding a Community Summit this Friday and will be doing a lot of major reveals on-stream for everyone to see.  The schedule lists a new Shaper reveal, a Living Lore discussion, Practice Mode?!?!, Bots!!!!!!, Casting Mode?!?!?!!!!!!!!! and a LAN party with 5v5 shoutcasting of Dawngate! […]

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