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The Dawngate Daily – July 24th, 2014

Word from Waystone Shyguy Reflects – The master of Shapers known as Shyguy is back, this time with his thoughts on why he’s so good at Kindra. Around the Community The trash talk about Living Lore is back!  Be sure to go toss your two cents in and get ready to vote soon! Our own […]


The Dawngate Daily – July 23rd, 2014

Word from Waystone Community Summit! – Waystone announced today that they’re holding a Community Summit this Friday and will be doing a lot of major reveals on-stream for everyone to see.  The schedule lists a new Shaper reveal, a Living Lore discussion, Practice Mode?!?!, Bots!!!!!!, Casting Mode?!?!?!!!!!!!!! and a LAN party with 5v5 shoutcasting of Dawngate! […]


A Very Special Flow Chart

This week I gave Dante’s wife, Wifegelli, the opportunity to create his flowchart for him. Needless to say the results were not disappointing. ~Gaarawarr It should be noted that upon reading this flowchart for the first time, I turned into the guy on Reddit who tries to take a humorous flowchart seriously. I immediately told Gaarawarr, […]


Art Spotlight: Form

Welcome to our weekly Art Spotlight! This week the RNG landed on Form! Form is one of the four Advanced Tier items that upgrades from Resilience.  It is a great item for Bruisers and Carries who want some bonus damage with their Armor. The blue border around the icon signifies that this is an Advanced Tier item.  As always, […]


The Dawngate Daily – July 18th, 2014

Word from Waystone Competitive Balance Initiative - Waystone unloaded the CBI on us last night.  The TL;DR is that this is how they are looking to take high-level competitive play more into account in balance changes to the game.  For the full rundown, be sure to check out the reddit post.  Still unsure why there isn’t a […]

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