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The Dawngate Daily – August 28th, 2014

Word from Waystone Coaching Gate – If you missed yesterday’s Coaching Gate featuring Zekent teaching Sakari, you can watch the VoD here! Faris Info – Dandelion dropped some lore-bombs in this reddit post last night.  Always neat to learn the little things like this. Kensu Attack Info – Vex dropped into this thread to talk […]


Shaper Select: Zalgus the Loremaster

  Zalgus is a Mage that dominates the late game with his incredible damage. Zalgus is a Pure Shaper which means he has no resource to manage. Tip: Because he has no resource to manage his cooldowns are higher to compensate. Zalgus’ Q is Chains of Fate and it is a long-range skill-shot that deals a moderate amount […]


The Dawngate Daily – August 27th, 2014

Word from Waystone Dawngate Chronicles – As if a butterfly eating your face wasn’t enough, today’s page features more Zeri & Kahgen and adds in some more Renzo.  I’m liking this.  It also ties in with next week’s Living Lore vote… Living Lore Vote – Next week’s choice is between two interesting options for Zeri in regards […]


The Dawngate Daily – August 26th, 2014

Word from Waystone Special Content Release – To enhance the correlation between content and the Dawngate Chronicles, Waystone announced they’ll be doing a special content release this Friday to coincide with that day’s Chronicles page. Free Shaper Rotation – This week’s Shapers added to the rotation are Kensu, Zalgus, Cerulean, Kel, and Renzo.  That means […]


The Dawngate Daily – August 25th, 2014

Word from Waystone Dawngate Chronicles – The week starts off with a continuation of the Graffiti Zeri & Kahgen page from last Friday.  Today we learn that Zeri’s butterfly can apparently eat people’s faces… The Coaching Gate Returns – This week Zekent will be teaching Sakari and how to apply lane pressure live on-stream with […]


Art Spotlight: Inspiration

Welcome to our weekly Art Spotlight! This week the RNG landed on Inspiration! Inspiration is one of the five Advanced Tier items that upgrades from Time.  It is a great item for anybody who wants some Haste and needs to be able to use their Spellbook Spells more frequently. The blue border around the icon signifies that this […]

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