The Dawngate Daily – October 24th, 2014

Word from Waystone Extra Life Stream – Waystone announced their schedule for the 24 hour Extra Life stream that starts on Saturday.  Check it out here!  We also have an Extra Life page as part of Team Waystone, so if you’re looking to make a donation and help them reach their goals, hit us up! […]


The Dawngate Daily – October 22nd, 2014

Word from Waystone Limited Time Skin – Necropolis Petrus was added to the Collection today but will only be there until November 17th, which marks it as the first every limited-time skin.  Get if now for xx Waypoints before it’s gone! Producer’s Note – Dave Cerra is back with more talk about the state of […]


The Dawngate Daily – October 20th, 2014

Word from Waystone New Shaper Reveal – Waystone revealed Lillin the Old Guard today on stream.  If you missed it, be sure to check out the VoD!  To read more about her, check out her Archive with all her ability info. Coaching Gate – This week’s 1v1 coaching will be from Plootoe on Fenmore and will […]


The Dawngate Daily – October 17th, 2014

Word from Waystone Dawngate Chronicles – The Chronicles returned today with Renzo & Zeri on their way to the big meeting on the backs of some impressive hathi!  Waystone also re-organized the Archive and named each of the sections of the Prologue as well as the first section of Season One as they’re calling it. […]


Shaper Select: Voluc the Devourer

Voluc is a high damage, high sustain melee Bruiser adept at engaging teamfights and dealing widespread area damage to enemy Shapers. Voluc is a Pure Shaper which means he has no resource to manage. Tip: Because he has no resource to manage his cooldowns are higher to compensate. Voluc’s passive is Mark of Consumption which deals damage […]

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