The Dawngate Roundup

While our recent news posts were adjusted to become “The Dawngate Daily” a few months back due to all the updates coming from Waystone and the Community, we originally had started with a weekly collection of news. TSG has now come full circle. This will most likely be the last news post we do as […]


The Dawngate Daily – November 10th, 2014

Word from Waystone Dandelion dropped a lore bomb on us over the weekend and there could be more coming potentially, including a rough map of the world.  If you loved the lore, you want to check this out. Around the Community S1cknote & Sporesmith said goodbye to the community and shared the image they were […]


The Dawngate Daily – November 7th, 2014

Word from Waystone Crafting Currency – Want to know how much you accrued? RSFlux dropped a gdoc with everyone’s numbers. Goo Girl & More – Nick Kole dropped some unreleased art on his tumblr and it’s amazing, as always. Chronicles Goodbye – All the pages they had completed were dropped on the site this week. […]


The Dawngate Daily – November 3rd, 2014

Word from Waystone Dawngate Chronicles – Zeri & Kahgen continue their escape in today’s page with Zeri discovering another of her new gifts. Around the Community Skyphu was in a destructive mood over the weekend and drew Amarynth being impaled.  Dark…but I like it. Laweegie is working on a Sidewinder Moya skin concept and has […]


Art Spotlight: Betrayal

Welcome to our weekly Art Spotlight! This week the RNG landed on Betrayal! Betrayal is one of the three Legendary Tier items that upgrades from Balance.  It is a great item for anybody who wants Magic Resistance while still increasing their Power and damage. The purple border around the icon signifies that this is a Legendary Tier item. […]

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