The Dawngate Daily – October 17th, 2014

Word from Waystone Dawngate Chronicles – The Chronicles returned today with Renzo & Zeri on their way to the big meeting on the backs of some impressive hathi!  Waystone also re-organized the Archive and named each of the sections of the Prologue as well as the first section of Season One as they’re calling it. […]


Shaper Select: Voluc the Devourer

Voluc is a high damage, high sustain melee Bruiser adept at engaging teamfights and dealing widespread area damage to enemy Shapers. Voluc is a Pure Shaper which means he has no resource to manage. Tip: Because he has no resource to manage his cooldowns are higher to compensate. Voluc’s passive is Mark of Consumption which deals damage […]


Inside the Scene: AtG Marah Open

Last weekend was the second installment of Across the Gate’s Open series, this one named after Marah.  A total of seven teams signed up with six checking in and competing for the Group Stage. The top two teams out of each Group moved on to the single-elimination bracket that featured Best of 3 matches for  the Finals. […]


The Dawngate Daily – October 15th, 2014

Word from Waystone Waypoint Purchases Disabled – Waystone announced today that they’ve disabled the ability to purchase Waypoints while they investigate the issues some people have had with the system.  They’ve also disabled the News Feed in the client as it was having issues as well.  They’ll let us know when both systems are back […]


Inside the Scene: S1cknote 6

Last weekend the sixth installment of the confusingly-named ‘S1cknote Invitational’ was entered into the annals of Dawngate eSports history.  A total of nineteen teams signed up for the tournament with sixteen showing up for check-in and competing in the Group Stages. Of particular note in the Group Stage was the match between REEU and TMP4. […]

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