Best Shaper World – The Invitational

Best Shaper World was created to be a 1v1 mirror-match that allowed community members to compete against each other to find out who the best player was for each individual Shaper.  One thing that we made clear in the rules was that Waystone Games employees could not participate.

Until now.


Today The Shapers Guild is proud to announce the first ever Best Shaper World Invitational which will pit four past BSW competitors against four members of the Waystone Games team!

The Invitational will happen on Saturday June 28th, 2014, at 2:00 pm EDT/11:00 am PDT.  All games will be streamed live on the Waystone Games Twitch channel.

This 8-person single-elimination tournament will not feature a specific Shaper but will instead feature a variety of Dawngate’s Shapers.  This format will force competitors to demonstrate a knowledge of all of Dawngate’s Shaper Archetypes as well as the ability to adapt on-the-fly as the competitors will learn what Shaper they’re playing as the match begins.

The BSW community will be represented by 4-time Champion IM_Downsy/Beardish, Best Zalgus World Champion Otsie, and BSW regulars MrGooRoo & Paradelton!

The Waystone Games team will be represented by Scott “XairulSC” Moore, Brad “Plootoe” Ramey, George “Zekent” Liu, and Andy “Zwill” Belford!


Join us this Saturday and cheer on your favorite competitor as they battle to see who will become the first ever BSW-Invitational Champion!

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