The Dawngate Roundup: Week of 12/06/2013

Welcome to the Dawngate Roundup, a weekly collection of Dawngate info to catch you up on what’s going on in the community.

Let’s get to it!

Word from Waystone

Shaper Rotation:  This week’s new Shapers in the rotation are Vex, Freia, Renzo, Salous, and Amarynth.  This means it’s the last week to play with Nissa, Moya, Kindra, Kel, and Zalgus if you haven’t purchased them.  You can always find the updated rotation on our home page and each portrait links to that Shaper’s archive page.

Community Catch-Up:  Ryan Seiff was the special guest on the CCU this week and he had two interesting announcements.  The first was an update on the upcoming matchmaking changes (and the people rejoiced!) and the second was the announcement of an upcoming API (sort of) for game/player stats.  Check out the VoD for all the details.

Around the Community

Podcast Pimping:  Both of the podcasts we’ve come to know and love were live on Monday.


The Dibs Dreamcast had an extra-long edition with Mars Caturix returning as a guest and Andy “Zwill” Belford arriving as a special guest as well.

The Money Pigs Livecast also had a special guest this week:  PuppetCat.  The livecast started off with BDNA attempting to teach Twerp how to run a livecast and then moved on to the normal Dawngate talk we’re used to.

Community Creations:  MightyMorat posted a discussion on last-hitting on the official forums.  If you haven’t read it yet, head over and do so and be sure to give your input!

Pandas Not Periods created a mini-montage of some Zalgus play.  Seen any other cool video montages?  Let me know via the Comments button below!

Tournaments:  You can check out everything that’s going on in the competitive Dawngate scene in this week’s Tournament Tuesday post, updated with all the current information.  This week’s competitive scene starts off with Battle in the Bot Lane VII tonight.  Sign up ASAP if you haven’t yet!

Battle in Bot Lane

Shapers Guild Stuff

Art Spotlight:  Each Wednesday we do an Art Spotlight on a different piece of art in the game.  This week we focused on Time.

Site Adjustments:  We’ll be making some minor tweaks to the site this weekend and hopefully will have everything settled in place by Monday.  Let us know if you see anything a little wonky or have suggestions for things you’d like to see in the future!

That’s it for this week everyone!  If there’s anything we didn’t include or there’s something you’d like us to highlight in next week’s Roundup, let us know by hitting the Comment button below.  This week I leave you with a shot of the awesome signed Dawngate poster that some members of the community received for donating to Extra Life.    /drool


Until next week…

Have fun!


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