General Information

Best Kel World is a two-day event at the end of April with registration open to everyone in the Community Beta*.

The Qualifier Matches will be held on Saturday, April 26th and will utilize a Swiss-style format.  There will be a minimum of four Rounds played with two Matches per Round.

On Sunday, April 27th, the Top 8 competitors from Saturday will face off in a single-elimination tournament to determine the Best Kel World.  The Quarter and Semi-Final Rounds will be a Best of Three set with the Final Round being a Best of Five set.

A selection of various Matches from Saturday will be broadcast on The Shapers Guild’s Twitch channel.  All of the Matches on Sunday will be showcased on the Waystone Games Twitch channel.

Start Times:

  • Qualifier Round:  Saturday, April 26th at 2:00 pm EST (Time Converted)
  • Top 8 Tournament:  Sunday, April 27th at 2:00 pm EST (Time Converted)


  • Winner:  925 Waypoints & Shapers Guild Swag
  • Participation Drawing:  Shapers Guild Swag

Along with the above prizes, the winner will be placed in the Best Shaper World group as well as receive the Title of Best Kel World on the TSG forums.  Their name will also be added to Kel’s Shaper page as the Best Kel World along with the highlight reel from the tournament.

*Employees of Waystone Games are not eligible for entry.

Rules & Guidelines

Game Type & Lobby:

  • If your Match is being streamed, a Tournament Official will host the Match Lobby and provide you the name to join.
  • Both players will select Kel at Shaper Select.  Picking anything else results in an automatic loss of the Match.
  • Matches will be played 1v1 in the Top Lane only

Win Conditions:

  • Kill your opponent.
  • Destroy the first enemy binding.
  • Obtain a 30 cs lead.  (Only goes into effect after the ten-minute mark in a Match.)

In-Match Rules:

  • No attacking anything other than your opponent, their Binding, or lane minions.
  • No capturing Spirit Wells.
  • Use of your ward is allowed.
  • All Items, Spells, Loadouts/Perks, and Roles are allowed.
  • Returning to your Base is allowed.
  • You may not leave the designated competition area.
Allowable Map

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 Disconnects & Remakes:

  • Each player is allowed one free remake per Round as long as no combat has taken place.
  • Players must call for  a remake before two minutes into the Match.  Remakes are only allowed after that point with your opponents permission.
  • Remade games must use the same Roles & Loadouts/Perks unless your opponent allows a change.

Simultaneous Kills:

  • If both players die at the same time with vim being awarded to one person and the “First Blood” announcement going to the other, the player who receives the vim is awarded the kill and the Match.
  • If both players receive the same amount of vim for First Blood, play continues and the Win Conditions for the Match are reduced to killing the enemy player for a second time.  Win by Binding/CS is no longer an option.

Tardiness & Penalties:

  • If a player is five (5) minutes late to their Match, the player forfeits one Match.
  • If a player is ten (10) minutes late, they forfeit the Round.

It is each player’s responsibility to be ready to play their Matches at any time during the tournament window.

  • If a player is found to have broken any of the rules, the player forfeits the Match.
  • If this occurs a second time, the player will be removed from the rest of the tournament.

General Tournament Guidelines:

  • Any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a forfeit of a Match, Round, or Ban from BSW.  Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language.  In addition, breaking any rule may result in a forfeit of a Round/Match, Verbal Warning, or Ban from BSW.
  • Verbal and/or written abuse of a Staff member will not be tolerated.  This includes, but is not limited to: Forum Posts, TSG Private Messages, RaidCall messages, Dawngate Messages, and Social Media messages. The individual violating this rule will be subject to penalties.
  • Tournament Staff who enter a Match have the discretion to make necessary calls to ensure the Match is completed successfully. When in a Match, the Staff’s call is final and must be followed. Failure to do so will result in penalties.  After the Match, if you disagree with a call made, first you must accurately report the Match and then you may submit a ticket for review by an Administrator.  Do not dispute the Match without evidence.
Registration & Coordination

Important Times:

  • Registration closes at 1:00 pm EST on April 26th, 2014.
  • Check-In for the Qualifier Round will begin at 1:30 pm EST on April 26th, 2014.
  • Round One of the Qualifiers starts at 2:00 pm EST on April 26th, 2014.
  • Check-In for the Top 8 Tournament will begin at 1:45 pm EST on April 27th, 2014.
  • The Top 8 Tournament will begin at 2:00 pm EST on April 27th, 2014.

How to Register:

  • Click the “Join Tournament” button on the page below.
  • Create a Battlefy account if you do not have one.  If you have one, it will add you to the Registered Players box automatically.

Tournament Coordination (Qualifier Round):

  • All Matches will be coordinated in The Shapers Guild’s RaidCall channel.
  • The Brackets will be linked in RaidCall chat so people will know their matchups.  Wait until an Official says to begin before creating a match.
  • Matches will be created in the Custom Game Lobby.  If your Match will be on the stream, a Tournament Official will create the Lobby for you.  Otherwise, players are responsible for creating their own Match Lobbies.
  • Players alternate Mortal & Spirit sides for each Match in a Round.
  • Upon reaching one of the Win Conditions, players are to take a screenshot of either the Scoreboard or the destroyed Binding.  (This is used for disputes.)
  • Both players must quit the Match upon a Victory after taking their screenshot.
  • Report the winner of the Match to a Tournament Official in RaidCall.

Tournament Coordination (Top 8):

  • All Matches will be coordinated in The Shapers Guild’s RaidCall channel.
  • The Top 8 brackets will be posted on The Shapers Guild the morning of the event.  The matchups for each Round will be updated there at the conclusion of each Set.
  • Matches will be created in the Custom Game Lobby by a Tournament Official.
  • Players alternate Mortal & Spirit sides for each Match in a Round with the higher-seeded player getting Mortal side for the first Match.

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Best Kel World Top 8 Finals

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